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Cultural training

Cultural Training

Doing business in Portugal or Brazil?

There’s no universal business culture. Each country has its own business mannerisms, and Portugal and Brazil are no exception. If you’re setting up a business in Portugal or Brazil, targeting Portuguese speakers with your product or service, or working with Portuguese-speaking business partners or colleagues, having a firm grasp on the local business practices and culture is strongly recommended. With a little cultural know-how, you can avoid damaging mistakes and maximize your Portuguese or Brazilian business relationships.

Learn Portuguese and Brazilian culture with our cultural training consultation

Here at, we can help you navigate the Lusophone business scene and build fruitful business relationships, whether with partners, colleagues, or clients. The content is highly personalized just for you, taking your individual needs and situation into account. As Portuguese and Brazilian experts, we’ll answer whatever questions you may have, and we’ll give you the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in the Portuguese-speaking business world.

What is cultural training?

In our ever-globalizing world, cultural training is becoming more and more important. As networks begin to span the globe, cultural norms remain intact, meaning a high level of cultural sensitivity and knowledge is necessary for the modern-day businessperson. Cultural training helps professionals break out of the cultural mold of their home country and keep an open mind toward other cultures. Portuguese and Brazilian cultural training identifies the pitfalls expatriates and other foreigners experience in Portugal and Brazil and equips you with the necessary skills to expertly conduct business in the Portuguese-speaking world. Cultural training works with not only business culture but also general culture, giving you a comprehensive overview of the country and its people.

We can teach you the Portuguese language, too

A country’s language is always a core part of its culture. A Romance language with a whopping 223 million or so native speakers (mostly thanks to Brazil), the Portuguese language is an important part of Portuguese and Brazilian culture, and we can help you hone your Portuguese language skills to succeed in your Portuguese business dealings. We can teach you basic, essential phrases in our cultural training consulting, but if you’d like more intensive Portuguese language lessons, check out our Portuguese language tutoring opportunities.

Portuguese business culture 101

The Portuguese value strong business relationships, so it’s essential to spend time getting to know your Portuguese partners and colleagues. Face-to-face meetings are always preferred to impersonal email and telephone communication. Since you build relationships with the people, not the companies, if you or your partners switch representatives, you’ll have to build up the relationship again with the new person. These are just a few essential tips for doing business in Portugal, but we’ll teach you many more, as well as tips for Brazil, in our cultural training consultation.

Get started on your path to better Portuguese and Brazilian business endeavors

If Portuguese or Brazilian cultural training sounds right for you, just reach out to us! We’re experts everything in the Portuguese-speaking world, so we’d be delighted to teach you whatever you need to know about Portuguese and Brazilian business culture.

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