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Asking for Directions: 30 Portuguese Phrases

An essential task when in a location that’s new to you is finding your way around. This often means asking local people for directions. If you’re moving to or visiting a Portuguese speaking country, having some Portuguese phrases and words related to this task in your vocabulary will be extremely useful. If you work on them with a tutor before you travel, you’ll be able to find your way around with ease.

Below is a list of 30 Portuguese phrases to help you get around. There are some differences of vocabulary between Brazilian and European Portuguese; Brazilian words are marked (BR) and European ones with (EU).






Encruzilhada (BR) Cruzamento (EU)

Traffic lights

Semáforo (BR) Sinal luminoso (EU)


Metrô (BR) Metro(-politano) (EU)





Police station

Delegacia (BR) Esquadra (EU)



Excuse me

Com liçensa

Can you tell me where is...

Você pode me dizer onde fica…

How do I get to...

Como eu chego ao…

Is it within walking distance?

Dá para ir andando?

Is it far?

É longe?

How far is it?

Qual é a distância?

Which bus should I take?

Que ônibus/autocarro (BR/EU) eu devo pegar?

Where do I get off the bus?

Em que ponto eu desço do ônibus/autocarro?

Go straight ahead until...

Siga em frente até…

Turn left/right

Vire à esquerda/direita

Cross the road

Atravesse a rua

Cross the bridge

Atravesse a ponte

Beside the…

Ao lado do/da(s)

On the left/right of the…

Ao lado esquerdo/direito do/da(s)

Take the first road on the left/right

Entre na primeira rua à direita/esquerda

Take the second road on the left/right

Entre na segunda rua à direita/esquerda

Towards the...

Em direção/direcção (BR/EU) à…

Before the...

Antes do/da

Watch out for the...

Fique atento/atenta à…

It's nearby

É perto daqui

It's here

É aqui

The 30 Portuguese phrases above are all very useful, but there are a lot of scenarios and situations that aren’t covered by the vocabulary here. To be sure of finding your way around when traveling to a Portuguese speaking country, you’ll need to know more than just a few Portuguese phrases–you’ll need to be able to use them with confidence and authority. Practice is essential, and to make sure you’re getting it right, the simplest way is to learn with an expert tutor. Before long, you’ll be getting where you need to go with no problems.

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