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Business Portuguese: 30 Phrases You Need to Know

Brazil is increasingly becoming a major global economic player, with a GDP in the trillions and excellent prospects for sustained growth. As the Brazilian economy continues to grow, so will its global influence. Whatever business you’re in, not simply learning Portuguese phrases, but developing Portuguese speaking and writing abilities, is an increasingly marketable asset.

The Portuguese phrases for business on this page are a starting point, but they’ll only take you so far. To gain a truly competitive edge, you need to learn with an expert tutor. Here are thirty business-related Portuguese phrases and words to get you started.

  • Report - Relatório

  • Agenda - Agenda

  • Colleague - Colega

  • Customer / client - Cliente

  • Competitor - Competidor

  • Budget - Orçamento

  • Invoice - Fatura

  • Brand - Marca

  • Consensus - Consenso

  • Public relations - Relações públicas

  • Customer service - Serviço ao cliente

  • Estimate - Estimativa

  • Guarantee - Garantia

  • Market research - Pesquisa de mercado

  • Commercial / advertisement - Anúncio

  • The purpose of this meeting is to discuss... - A proposta desta reunião é discutir...

  • Item number one on the agenda is... - O item numero um da agenda é...

  • The next item on the agenda is... - O proximo item da agenda é

  • The final item on the agenda is... - O item final da agendá é...

  • Let's get started. - Vamos começar.

  • Could you please clarify... - Você poderia, por favor, esclarecer...

  • I'm not sure I understand... - Eu não tenho certeza se entendi...

  • Before we move on, I think we need to look at... - Antes de seguirmos em frente, eu acho que precisamos analisar...

  • This is what we've agreed on. - Isto é o que nós concordamos.

  • In summary, we're going to... - Em resumo, nós iremos...

  • Let's get to work. - Vamos começar o trabalho. / Ao trabalho.

  • Let's team up for this. - Vamos nos unir para fazer isso.

  • Let's do this by the book. - Vamos fazer isso da maneira correta.

  • Let's go back to the drawing board. - Vamos voltar ao básico.

  • Let's call it a day. - Vamos encerrar por hoje.

These are all useful Portuguese phrases for business, but just learning them in isolation is unlikely to get you very far. To be able to use them in a real-life business situation, your best bet is practice and coaching sessions with a professional tutor from Learn Portuguese online here.

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