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30 Useful Portuguese Phrases for Your Holiday Vacation

Brazil is a wonderful place for a vacation. It’s a vast country with a huge variety of different landscapes, climates, cities and cuisines, so whatever kind of vacation you’re looking for, you can probably find it (unless it involves large amounts of snow). Portugal is also a fantastic place for a vacation, with unique cuisine, architecture, scenery and culture.

Learning some Portuguese phrases is a must if you want to get the most out of your vacation. In both countries, English is not very widely spoken outside of the main tourist areas, so if you want to communicate, you’ll need to speak at least a little Portuguese. While the list of Portuguese phrases below is a good place to start, if you want to learn to use them with a bit of flair and flexibility and not be at a loss for words, it’s best to practice with an expert tutor.

Here are 30 common Portuguese phrases (hopefully you won’t need the last five!) that will be useful on a vacation.

Important: Just like with UK and US English, there are some differences in vocabulary between Portugal and Brazil. If a phrase has “BR” next to it, it’s specific to Brazil, and if it has a “PT” it’s specific to Portugal.

Hello / Hi - Olá / Oi

Good morning - Bom dia

Good afternoon - Boa tarde

Good evening/goodnight - Boa noite

Goodbye - Adeus / Tchau

(Adeus is more formal and less commonly used)

Please - Por favor

Thank you - Obrigado / obrigada

Sorry - Desculpe

Excuse me - Com licença

My name is... - Meu nome é...

How are you? - Como vai?

Very well, thank you. - Muito bem, obrigado/obrigada.

I don't understand. - Eu não compreendo.

Do you speak English? - Você fala inglês?

Can you show me on the map? - Você pode me mostrar no mapa?

What time do you open/close? - Que horas abre/fecha?

Tourist information - PT: Posto de turismo BR: Informações turísticas

Do you have any vacant rooms? - Tem um quarto disponível?

I have a room/table reserved. - Eu tenho um quarto/uma mesa reservado/reservada.

The bill, please. - A conta, por favor.

Where is the toilet? - PT: Onde fica a casa de banho? BR: Onde fica o toalete?

How much does it cost? - Quanto custa?

I would like... - Eu gostaria...

Take me to the airport, please. - Me leve para o aeroporto, por favor.

Where is the beach? - Onde fica a praia?

Help! - Socorro!

Stop! - Pare!

Call a doctor! - Chame um médico!

Call the police! - Chame a polícia!

Where is the nearest hospital? - Onde fica o hospital mais próximo?

While the Portuguese phrases above are useful, they’re only a starting point. To be sure of being able to express your needs in any given situation, you’d be better off working on these and other useful Portuguese phrases with an expert tutor from Learn Portuguese online here.

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