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Tutoring Services for the CAPLE Test: What to Expect

People take the CAPLE test for a variety of reasons: to get a job or a place at a university in Portugal, to apply for Portuguese citizenship, or simply to help motivate themselves to learn the language. Whatever your motivation, the best way of preparing for the exam is to practice with a tutor. At, our tutors offer a specialized CAPLE test preparation program designed to get you fully up to speed with both the necessary skills and the exam process so you can go into the test confident of getting a great result. Here’s what you can expect:

A Tutor Who Knows the Marking Criteria

When you do our CAPLE test program, you’ll be working with a tutor who knows the marking criteria of the exam. This means that you can be confident that all your preparation will directly contribute to your chances of success in the exam.

Comprehensive Feedback

Your tutor will be able to assess your level of Portuguese against the CAPLE and CEFRL proficiency levels. This has two advantages. Firstly, they’ll be able to recommend which of the six CAPLE levels you should take. Secondly, they’ll be able to accurately judge your learning progress against the exam criteria and tell you whether you’re ready and where you need to improve.

Learning Using Genuine Exam Materials

Genuine exam materials are at the core of our CAPLE test preparation program. This enables you to gain experience of the precise requirements of the exam, boosting both your confidence and your chances of success.

Custom Lesson Plans

Once our tutors have identified the CAPLE level you will be entering yourself for, and your specific strengths and weaknesses, they will prepare a lesson plan that is specifically adapted to your personal needs, putting the greatest emphasis on the specific areas you most need to improve.

Multi-Sided Approach

We employ a four-sided approach to CAPLE test preparation that helps you to both prepare for the CAPLE test and improve your general Portuguese skills. For more advanced students (DIPLE and above), this is expanded to a five-sided approach to meet the requirements of the higher CAPLE levels.

Reading: Your tutor will quiz you on prepared texts, testing your comprehension; the test can be written or spoken depending on your needs.

Writing: You will be asked to prepare texts on subjects chosen by your tutor and to fill in forms and questionnaires.

Speaking: You will work on this skill in conversations with your tutor on subjects adapted to your level and through oral tests based on the CAPLE format.

Listening: You will be provided with audio material and tested on the content; again, the test can be written or spoken depending on which skill you need to improve.

Structuring Texts (DIPLE and above): You will be provided with texts where you need to either fill in blanks with appropriate words or correct and improve the grammar and structure of the text.

We’re Here to Help

The CAPLE test is challenging, particularly at the higher levels. However, with the comprehensive service we offer, you can be sure that the more time you spend practicing with your tutor, the better your chances of getting a great result. The CAPLE takes place three times a year internationally and more often in Lisbon, so don’t delay–you can start right away.

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