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Tutoring Services for the CELPE-Bras Test: What to Expect

The tutors here at are extremely well-equipped to prepare you for the CELPE-Bras test. By practicing with your tutor, you’ll be able to get yourself fully up to speed and to go into the exam confident of getting a great result. Below, we go through some details of what to expect from our CELPE-Bras tutoring service.

Tutor with In-Depth Knowledge of Exam Criteria

You’ll be studying with a tutor who, as well as being an experienced teacher of Portuguese, is totally familiar with the marking criteria for the CELPE-Bras test. All your preparation will therefore be focused on exactly what you need to do to pass at the highest possible level, and no aspect of the test will be overlooked.

Detailed Feedback on Progress

Your tutor will give you detailed feedback on exactly what CELPE-Bras level you are at and how close you are to your targets. This will give you extra focus and confidence as you go into the CELPE-Bras test, maximizing your chances of getting a great result.

Preparation Using Real Exam Materials

A key part of our CELPE-Bras test preparation process is the use of materials from past exams. By combining genuine exam material with expert tutors who know the marking criteria, we provide a comprehensive tutoring service specifically tailored to the CELPE-Bras.

Individualized Lesson Plans

By working closely with you and identifying your strengths and weaknesses, our tutors are able to provide a lesson plan specifically adapted to your needs. If your tutor sees that you are better at speaking than at listening, for example, they will give you more listening tests. This is particularly important for the CELPE-Bras test, because your final result is only as good as your weakest skill.

Four-Sided Approach

While specific exam preparation is vital, it should not come at the expense of your general development as a language learner. Therefore, we use a four-sided approach to improving your Portuguese for the CELPE-Bras test, to make sure that you’re ready for anything the examiners throw at you. The approach involves

  • answering questions on prepared texts, either orally or in writing

  • writing texts on specific subjects that your tutor will decide

  • oral tests with the same format as the CELPE-Bras, which can be done directly in tutoring sessions

  • completing tests on your comprehension of prepared audio material. Your answers will either be spoken or written, depending what your tutor thinks you need to work on.

It’s Up to You

Preparing for the CELPE-Bras test isn’t easy. There’s a lot of material to learn and several skills to develop. However, if you’re willing to put in the hours with your tutor, you can rely on the fact that you are in the best possible hands. The more time you spend preparing, the better your chances of acing the CELPE-Bras.

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