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Why You Need to Learn How to Speak Portuguese

Whether you want to expand your skills and horizons, travel to Brazil or Portugal, or gain a competitive edge in the job market, you’d be very wise to consider learning how to speak Portuguese. With practice and coaching, you can get up to speed with a foreign language quicker than you might think. With you can learn with an expert tutor who will accompany you through every stage of your learning process.

Here are 7 reasons why learning how to speak Portuguese could be an excellent choice for you.

1. Brazil: Brazil is one of the biggest, most populous countries in the world, with an economy with a huge capacity for expansion and growing global influence. It’s also a wonderful place to visit and keep on revisiting, featuring the famous tourist attractions of Rio de Janeiro, the cosmopolitan commercial hub of São Paulo, the fascinating modernist architecture of Brasília, the vast Amazon rainforest and the idyllic coastline and wonderful culture and cuisine of the Northeastern region. Whether for tourism or for business, learning how to speak Portuguese will enable you to connect with this amazing country.

2. Portugal: Portugal is one of the lesser-visited South European countries. Nevertheless, it’s one of the jewels of Europe, with distinctive cuisine, stunning scenery and architecture, and a proud and unique culture and history. Knowing how to speak Portuguese will deepen your experience of a great, underrated holiday destination.

3. It’s widely spoken: A little-known fact is that the most spoken language in South America is Portuguese, not Spanish, mainly because of the huge population of Brazil. With 220 million native speakers and over 260 million speakers worldwide, few modern languages can claim to be more relevant than Portuguese.

4. It’s easy to learn: Because it’s a Romance language, learning how to speak Portuguese is relatively easy. Its Latin roots give it a lot of words that have common roots with English, particularly nouns such as construção (construction). It also has a lot of similarities with other Romance languages such as French, Italian and particularly Spanish, so if you know any of those languages you already have a head-start.

5. It helps with other languages: Conversely, if you know how to speak Portuguese, that gives you a launchpad to start learning the other Romance languages. Any of the languages descended from Latin will be more accessible to you, allowing you to communicate with a potentially huge number of people.

6. It makes you more employable: Amongst English speakers, Portuguese isn’t very widely spoken: Spanish and French are more common options. Therefore, if you know how to speak Portuguese, you become one of a relatively select group of people with an in-demand skill.

7. The Internet: At the end of 2017, the number of Portuguese speaking Internet users was estimated at just under 170 million, representing over 4% of total users–and as this is less than 60% of the total number of speakers worldwide, there’s potential for growth. Access to this market is a highly desirable asset.

As you can see, learning Portuguese can enhance your life in a variety of different ways, both professionally and personally. If this page has piqued your interest, then you can learn Portuguese online here.

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